To have the haircut of a particular celebrity, to be in the current trend, is the dream of many. They go to the hairdresser, and afterwards they are a little disappointed because the hairstyle does not seem to produce the same effect as the model's hair. Whose fault is that? In the fashion world, you need to know some basic rules to choose your hairstyle, especially in relation to the shape of your face.

How to know the shape of your face?

The easiest way to know the shape of your face is to tie your hair back and trace the contour of your face on the mirror. According to facial specialists, there are about 8 to 9 types of faces. For faces that are fairly rounded, we can mention those with an oval face, elongated oval, round, and heart-shaped faces. For faces that are fairly angular, that is to say having fairly marked angles, at the level of the forehead, the jaw and perhaps also the chin, there are the square, the triangle, the inverse triangle, the rectangular, and the diamond or hexagonal.

Hairstyles for rounded faces

For the oval face, it is the ideal face shape, according to face designers, for women. It has both the perfect balance in length and width. Women with this face shape can afford anything in hairdressing. However, they are advised not to hide their faces with fringes. For the elongated oval face, the trick is to break its elongation. In this case it is better to have a fringe hairstyle, and volume hairstyles to get more width. For the round face, the most important thing to avoid is having a ball hairstyle, because it rounds up more. It is better to opt for hairstyles that lengthen and reduce the width of the face. Long or medium-length hairstyles, diagonally or in shades will enhance the face. For the heart-shaped face, it is better to taper the hair to the side or have a gradient, but also have fringes on the side. Give the hair movement, like the wavy style.

For fairly angular faces

For the face with a square tendency, it is better to opt for hairstyles that break the angles of the face. It is better to taper or break up the hair, have a few strands. It is advisable to avoid cuts that are too masculine. For triangular shapes, give a little volume to the forehead. Women with this facial feature can choose plunging square cuts, or layered. Contrary to inverted triangles, it is better to give volume at the bottom, so don't cut too steeply so as not to accentuate the angle at the bottom. For faces with a rectangular tendency, it is wise to opt for hairstyles that break the angles and also that do not accentuate the lengthening of the face. Opt for long or medium-length hairstyles and give volume to the lower part of the face. For diamond-shaped faces, the goal is really to soften the features. It is advisable to do hairstyles that lengthen the face, such as medium-long and long cuts, and favour side-stripes.