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Eyelash Extension

Learn eyelash extension techniques by training

The beauty industry is a fast-paced competitive environment with established brands and upcoming names. So how do you separate yourself and stand out from the rest? How will clients identify your work from the rest of the makeup artists? Click…

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opal jewelry

Buy opal jewelry online

Technological advancement came about with immense benefits. You can now choose any product or service online to be delivered right wherever you are. You can purchase any opal jewellery online. They improve one’s appearance by enhancing their features and have…

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How do you match your accessories to your outfit?

Have you chosen your outfit for going out on an evening, work, or a ceremony, as well as the shoes? But have you thought about the accessories that go with it? For your look to be flawless, some auxiliaries must…

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What trendy hat should you wear in summer?

When we talk about summer it means sunshine and good weather. It’s the perfect time to get out your little outfits, little dresses and sandals. Don’t forget your amazing hats to enjoy a beautiful sunny day. But to feel comfortable,…

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How to choose the right fancy jewellery?

Costume jewellery is a timeless accessory devoid of precious stones. It is a perfect ally to personalize the everyday look. It enhances the appearance of the wearer as long as it matches her outfit perfectly. Hence, the importance of knowing…

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How to choose the right piercing? Our advice and tips

The piercing is a fashion consisting in piercing one or several parts of the body to put a jewel on it.  The ear piercing being the most famous, it is to be noted nevertheless that the pierced parts of the…

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