Jeans are the type of clothing you always find in a wardrobe. It is a garment that adapts to all conditions. But how do you choose jeans according to your size? Here are a few tips that can serve as a guide when buying jeans.

Choose according to leg size

First of all, you should choose your jeans according to the length of your legs. Jeans with a slim or cigarette fit are perfect. However, avoid high waist jeans, as these jeans accentuate the length of your legs. People who also have short legs should wear jeans that give the impression of having longer legs. Opt for a skinny, flare or boot cut. Also, if you have round legs, opt for jeans with a classic straight cut. This type of jeans helps you hide your imperfections. The flare and boot cut effectively hide your wide knees, good thighs and strong calves. As far as length is concerned, the jeans should reach your neck of the foot. You can wear a slim fit, but you must combine it with a loose top.

Choose according to the shape of your buttocks

After the legs, you must also consider the shape of your buttocks. People with rounded buttocks can put everything on. It is even possible to wear men's boyfriend jeans. However, avoid a waist that is too low. Also make sure that the size of the back pockets of your jeans are not too big. People who have a wide buttocks in addition should prioritise jeans with a straight cut. Those with flat buttocks, on the other hand, should wear low rise jeans to give a rounder look to the buttocks. The back pockets should be close together. Finally, even if you have a small buttocks, it is advisable to wear skinny jeans that outline the silhouette. You should avoid jeans without pockets or jeans with pockets that are too low.

Things to remember

You must therefore remember that the choice of jeans depends on two criteria: legs and buttocks. These few tips will help you to be elegant. Everyone has their own style, but these are essential points to respect in order to feel good about yourself and to avoid making fashion faux pas.