Even if it is still a trendy design, the long skirt is still neglected by many women in favour of other clothes because they don't know how to adopt it. Yet this basic item of women's dressing is suitable for all styles. Here are a few tips on how to wear it easily, both during the beautiful summer days and the grey winter months.

Opt for the right design

The first thing to pay attention to when wearing a long skirt is the length. Models that are lying around on the floor are to be avoided. If you're afraid of making a mistake, choose a skirt with an elastic waistband, rather than one with buttons or fasteners, so that you can easily adjust the length. To avoid making mistakes when choosing a long skirt, always keep it simple.  Pieces with heavy patterns or many details are difficult to wear. Choose basic, pocketless models that can easily be matched with a small top and seasonal shoes. However, this shouldn't prevent you from acquiring more sophisticated styles, provided they make you look good.

Choosing the right material and colour

Whether you plan to wear your long skirt in summer or winter, you always need to find a comfortable room. Noble materials such as cotton are to be preferred. They are light and do not wrinkle. On sunny days, they will effectively protect your legs from the sun. Make sure, however, that the skirt you choose is not too transparent. When completing your winter wardrobe, buy long, double-layered skirts to keep you warm.  When it comes to colours, basic tones are still required for single skirts. Choose shades such as grey, beige, nude, coral instead of the usual black, which is more suitable for a split skirt.

Wearing the long skirt: the tips

With basic long skirts, you can afford to wear tops with a straight, fitted or even curved cut. Don't forget to wear a belt to emphasize your waist. Your long skirt can also be worn with a crop top if you are slightly thin. In winter, it is customary to wear it with heeled boots and a sweatshirt style sweater to tuck into your skirt.