Tips for knitting baby clothes

It is tempting to make your own clothes for your baby or to give them as gifts. However, knitting clothes for a baby or even a child is different from knitting for adults. Indeed, there are many specificities and details…

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How to choose clothes for your child?

Choosing clothes for children has become a real headache for many parents. Indeed, they want to have beautiful children in their clothes, without disturbing their motor skills: running, jumping, rolling, and other movements unimaginable for adults. Think ahead With children,…

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Where can you find cheap children’s clothes?

Children’s clothing can represent a sizeable household budget. Yes, they’re not built to last. Every 2 or 3 months, you should plan to renew your child’s wardrobe. But where can you find cheap items? Take advantage of the tempting offers…

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Wild takeoff

And now mommy and baby are in forced rest mode. But that’s not a reason to hang out in your pajamas all day either. So in the morning we put on a little dress and some jewelry to motivate ourselves….

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