And now mommy and baby are in forced rest mode. But that's not a reason to hang out in your pajamas all day either. So in the morning we put on a little dress and some jewelry to motivate ourselves. And that alone is a great feeling! Now that I have more time for myself, I'll be able to post a little more often around here! I love the print of this dress, I found it on sale on a particular website and I don't remember having seen it in store. It's very soft, very flowing, with lots of little design details : yoke at the collar, little knots on the snaps, etc ... but as it's still a maternity dress : it doesn't look like much anyway, lol ! To go out I reassure you I put on a good big warm sweater and my big coat over it, but in my apartment it's rather nice. And I admit it's good to watch the snowflakes falling outside without having to go outside and having to plow the car to go to work. By the way, my car, it must be the thing hidden under the big pile of snow outside... Now I only get a few minutes of walk a day in the fresh air just to breathe a little and incidentally to get the dog out.