Published on : 01 April 20203 min reading time

The piercing is a fashion consisting in piercing one or several parts of the body to put a jewel on it.  The ear piercing being the most famous, it is to be noted nevertheless that the pierced parts of the body diversify.

The types of piercing that can be made

Ear piercing is the most classic, including the traditional earlobe piercing. There are different types of ear piercings, such as the tragus piercing, which is done on the small flap of cartilage of this organ. Or the conch piercing, which is an excellent way to look punk because it is nested in the hollow of the ear. Then there is the nose piercing, which is very popular with people in the Middle East and India. There are also facial piercings: lips, eyebrows, etc.. Some people also choose piercings on the navel, nipples or genitals.

Choosing where to pierce

It is important to choose where to put your piercing and not to do it on a whim. Many regret theirs because they didn’t take the time to think carefully about where to put it. To remedy this, do not hesitate to take a picture of yourself and use a software like Photoshop to get an idea of the final result. Your piercing will also be a reflection of your personality. Often the piercings with the faces are for the most daring, the temptresses will prefer those of the navel and the nipples. A factor to take into account is also your pain tolerance. Some parts hurt more than others, such as the nose. You may also want to consider a temporary piercing if you only want a piece of jewellery for a special occasion.

Precautions to take when you have a piercing

It is essential to call upon a professional for your piercing. And still, this last one must be serious and competent. Especially do not hesitate to ask for opinions around you to know the good piercers in your neighborhood. It should not be forgotten that to carry out a piercing can be dangerous if the material used is not well sterilized. It is thus necessary to pay attention to the risks of sexually transmitted diseases. After having realized your piercing, do not forget to disinfect it regularly, as well as your jewelry. And this until your wound is completely healed.