It is important to pay attention to the colours of the clothes you wear. It is a mark of style and elegance. Knowing how to wear coloured clothes and how to combine them harmoniously requires training and stylistic research. Wearing colours brings a dose of pep to a bland and tasteless outfit.

The basic rules and techniques for associating colours with an outfit are as follows

Wearing dark colours for the bottom and light or sparkling colours on the upper body is the basic rule to illuminate your complexion and look good. Wearing a maximum of three colours on an outfit is essential to avoid too much information at the risk of unbalancing the figure. If you don't know anything about colour matching, it's better to wear only two colours to start with. To obtain a beautiful harmony of colours in an outfit, it is to play on contrasts by finding complementary colours on the chromatic circle and associating opposite colours to them. Also, for a contrast to work well, two colours on an outfit will be enough. To accentuate a part of the body, put the lighter part on and to camouflage another area, put a darker shade on. The mastery of the colour monochrome is a technique that brings to an outfit a very interesting colour gradation. But it is still necessary to master it! Indeed, it is a question of marrying very close colors to harmonize the colors. This technique will have the effect of lengthening the silhouette.

The good and bad associations of colours on an outfit

There is a tendency to blend close colors on the color circle. It's a fashion faux pas and proof of bad taste in the clothing industry. Besides, if you know how to do it, it often pays to take a risk. It requires work on the whole look. On the other hand, the sure value is to know how to combine a bright or primary colour with a neutral colour. For example, when it comes to revealing the silhouette, combining electric blue with silver tones or with beige, light brown or grey is a good idea. For an electric look, combining turquoise with fuchsia pink, cherry red or with brown, beige or cream is fruitful.

How to dress in colour?

Match the right accessories, the materials of the clothes and why not add a little fantasy with prints to dress in colour? These elements are to be considered carefully so as not to fall into ridicule. Do not exceed three colors in an outfit is important to avoid loading the look. Glasses, belt, scarf, bags and other accessories are important to stand out and balance the silhouette. Balance and harmony are the key words to be able to match colours to an outfit. Knowing how to combine colours in clothing brings refinement and style. Matching them with the right accessories is as elegant as it is sophisticated.