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Fashion for all shapes and sizes!

Whatever your morphology is, the first thing to do is to find suitable clothing. Whether you’re small, round or tall, don’t hesitate to dare to wear stylish and trendy accessories. For a short woman, the ideal would be to wear clothes that make your body look taller without giving the impression of being buried in clothes. For a plump woman, pieces that refine the figure are the most appropriate. And a tall woman can afford to wear different pieces without making her body look taller. You can visit Fashion Shifts for more tips if you want to know how to be stylish and good-looking.

Inspiration for a stylish look

You can create a stylish look with any item different looks inspire in you. In such case, you can create your own style by adding to it your signature and a personal touch. Choosing an outfit that will be carry your stylishness, the choice of accessories that will complete your look, both will be your personal stamp of elegance.
Different styles proposed by Chic Lifestyle Magasine can inspire in you a sophisticated look.

The sophisticated look

The sophisticated look

Sophisticated women follow very precise rules to stay trendy all year round... For instance, instead of investing in a nice pair of Sneakers, they will favour high heels. Pastel colors and neutral tones are also fundamentals.

The chic look

The chic look

Whether for a special evening or for every day, a chic look is always trendy. To look chic and stylish, you just want to mix and match styles. Select an ultra-classic outfit and break it with something more girlish.

The hippie look

The hippie look

To have a hippie look, you must favor certain cuts and materials. For a hippie look, wear laces, fringes and jeans. The choice of clothes for this look is vast. Choose what suits best your figure

The preppy look

The preppy look

The preppy look is very fashionable and trendy right now. This look can be called as a mixed look because both women and men use the same key features. Wear moccasins and chino pants!

The rock look

The Punk look

For a Punk look, go with leather, studs and boots. Choose a very simple outfit you can enhance with a stylish leather coat and silver studs on the shoulders.

The bobo look

The bobo style

Many celebrities have adopted the bobo style and brought it up to date. Accessories are essential in composing a French bobo look. This style is suitable for all occasions and events in life...

Essential accessories to improve your style

To be fashionable, an outfit must be complemented with various accessories. Trendy or fashionable accessories are used to complete the look of an outfit. They add to your clothing a stylish and refreshing touch. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right accessories depending on the outfit, your body type and your chosen style.

Which purse

Which purse?

Choose your handbag according to the latest trends, opt for a mini bag.

Which jewellery

Which jewellery?

Necklaces, bracelets, rings, … choose your jewels according to the shape of your face.

Which glasses

Which glasses?

The shape of your glasses should be chosen according to the shape of your face, round, oval or square.

Which belt

Which belt?

Whether it’s discreet or large enough, choose a trendy belt.

Matching mother-daughter wardrobes - For a look just like mom!

While choosing your daughter’s clothes, choose pieces that match yours. Give your daughter a trendy look and make her look just like her mom. Match tops such as T-shirts or sweaters by choosing similar colour or pattern. Match your skirts and dresses. You can select mismatched colours with the same style or one colour for two different styles.

When you create a look just like yours for your daughter, you won’t go unnoticed and you’ll put a smile on everyone’s face! It’s true that it’s always fun and endearing to see a young girl wear the same clothes that her mom.