By   March 11, 2014

There is no constant in the fashion world, the trends keep on changing. Thus, the styles that are trending today may not be in vogue tomorrow. This year, i.e. 2013, has witnessed the coming and going of a lot of trends and out of these, there were many trends that have stood out from the rest. One of the biggest fashion trends of 2013 would have to be lace garments. Irrespective of whether this material was used as the main attraction or simply as an accent, lace garments became really huge this year. It was all over the place from runways to boutiques to garments trends

The next trend that stood out in 2013 is the exposed midriff trend, of course this trend was not for everybody but only those who have a toned abdomen. Thanks to the tremendous amounts of outfits showing off midriffs and celebrities rocking them, a lot of females were motivated to take charge of their health and figure! Almost all of the designers had some kind of midriff-exposing outfits in their Spring 2013 line.

Clothing, shoes and accessories in neon colours were also one of the biggest fashion trends of 2013. Of course having too much neons in one’s getup all at once can look tacky, which is why people sported just one item in neon colour when dressing up, like a skirt or a top or neon shoes. You can dress in muted colours and just sport one item in neon in order to add a pop of colour to your look and also to look trendy and chic.

Floral prints have also made quite a big impact in the fashion world this year. Items like floral pants, floral dresses and floral shrugs were really popular during the spring and summer seasons this year. Another popular fashion trend that made headlines this year is the peplum trend. A lot of designers had shown peplums for this spring-summer collection and celebrities were spotted wearing them.