By   April 15, 2014

After buying many clothes you need to make your closet more functional. This way you can own less and still meet current fashion trends. Read on for tips to avoid going bankrupt after buying lots of clothes.

Arrange closet in piles

The idea is to increase the functionality and to avoid overflowing your closet. Make piles of the closes you want to throw away, give out, repair and those that still stir your emotions. This create room in your closets, and above all, makes it easy when picking clothes that meet your everyday needs. A functional closet reduces stress when dressing up, and this can deter you from regularly shopping for clothes.avoid going bankrupt

Identify gaps

After rearranging your wardrobe, look for the missing gaps. Afterwards draft a must-have list to help keep track of what you really need to buy. Identifying gaps also makes it possible to avoid impulse buying, in the end puts you in control of your budget for clothes.

Identify the main season

You can go bankrupt if you have to change your closet regularly to match different weather patterns. Ideally, your closet should equally meet all seasonal changes. Hence the importance of making budgetary allocations to meet this particular fashion demand.

Fashion & lifestyle

Your lifestyle also dictates your clothing needs. If possible, your wardrobe should equally meet your personality, lifestyle and fashion. In this way, you can avoid buying clothes that can only be worn on specific occasions.

Fit & Fabric

The clothes you buy should be fitting. Also, the fabric should generally be comfortable and improve your attractiveness. More importantly, try keeping a few soul-stirring clothes that make you feel great than own tons of clothes that you sort of dislike.

You can avoid being bankrupt if you follow the above tips since they can help stop overflowing your closet with clothes you don’t need.